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Inauguration Ceremony of BASIS BUBT Students Forum

07 Jan 2021

The journey of BASIS Student Forum Club started in BUBT. Another new club officially inaugurated at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) on January 7, 2021. BASIS Student Forum is a special branch of Bangladesh Software and Information Services Association. This special club is set up in different varsities with the aim of enhancing the intermediate skills of BASIS students. Honorable Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology Prof. Dr. Muhammed Fayyaz Khan was present on the occasion. Former Vice Chancellor and Honorary Member of BUBT Board of Trustees Prof. Md. Abu Saleh was also present. Also present were Dr. Firoz Mridha, Chairman, Department of CSE. Md. Ashraful Islam, Lecturer, Department of CSE. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Muhammed Fayyaz Khan said that through this club, students will be able to take various courses to gain skills in information and communication technology, business strategy and how to keep themselves one step ahead in the employment sector.

The benefits that students will get through BASIS BUBT Club:

  1. Participate in BASIS events

  2.  Networking facilities

  3. Training on various subjects

  4. Participate in various educational programs including internship opportunities

Basis BUBT Club is managed by Dr. Firoz Mridha, Advisor, BASIS BUBT Club. Ashraful Islam, Mentor, BASIS BUBT Club. In addition, Hasibul Hasan Shakib, President and Shahed Ahmed Sayem General Secretary for the next one year, a full committee of twenty-five people. Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is located at its permanent campus in Mirpur, Dhaka. BUBT regularly organizes extra-curricular activities with science and research development in the education sector.

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