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Computer Science and Engineering

Our Labs

Lab Facilities:

Our laboratories are big enough to ensure the availability of computers for every student. Internet facilities are always available so that students can find necessary documents and references immediately and access their data while learning. Specifications of the computers are up-to-date to meet the demands of current situations. We have a networking laboratory, a microprocessor laboratory, an Android development laboratory, and a robotics laboratory. Apart from these, 2 computer labs are always open for students for learning and sharing educational documents or looking up any kind of research material. Every lab is configured with the latest hardware and contains colored printers. Each lab is assigned with an IT attendant who is able to troubleshoot and assist with other computer-related issues students might be facing. Our university is currently working on expanding our existing field laboratory approach.

As practical knowledge is imperative to any educational program, we have a number of labs tailor made to a particular specialization with appropriate equipment, software and systems already present.