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Bubt Sports Club

There are no alternatives to games and sports for maintaining a sound mind and sound soul. Sports play an important role in forming our body as well as soul through a lot of physical exercise. For university students, sports are a fundamental way to refresh mind. BUBT Sports Club was established in 2014 with an aim of creating opportunity of sporting environment for the students of BUBT. BUBT Sports Club is the umbrella organization for all sports activities in BUBT. It has a strong history and tradition in sports with current and ex-students at national level. It has a reputation of performing above expectations and approach on playing hard to win while treating our opponents with much respect within the rules.

BUBT Sports Club aims:

  1. To provide a relevant and sustainable sports service to the students of BUBT.
  2. To ensure sporting facilities through support and services.
  3. It believes that the structure, organization, and execution of BUBT Sports Club are primarily the responsibility of students, but BUBT provides supports with human, financial and dedicated resources.

This Sports club includes several sports example of Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Table tennis and some other indoor games.

BUBT Sports Club also arranges BUBT Talent hunt in different fields of games and sports for the students, teachers, officers and staffs. This talent hunt is a very much exciting and awaiting program for BUBT as new and talented players come out through this.

The Club regularly arranges tours and programs for the students. Last year it arranged a refreshment tour in Cox’s Bazar. The club is always ready to take part in different social and other activities as instructed by BUBT authority.

Recent Activities of BUBT Sports Club

Recent activities of sports club are given as below: