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Bubt It Club

BUBT IT CLUB started its munificent journey in April, 2011 with the aim of developing IT knowledge among the students of all disciplines. The main purpose of IT CLUB is to coherently distribute knowledge among those who are eager to learn technology.

The main objectives of the club are as follows:

  1. To encourage students’ extra-curricular activities so that they could become more acknowledged and proficient about their expertise areas in academics as well as future professions.
  2. To lead all events which are usually arranged by the Dept. of CSE.
  3. To integrate the students with the ICT industry.

To achieve these objectives, the club runs the following activities: Programming Contest; Programming Training Class; Programming Camp; Computer Skill Training and Literacy Program; Workshop and Seminar; Gamming Contest; Battle of Intelligence; CSE FIESTA.

BUBT IT CLUB also develops international relationships through organizing & facilitating international events like ACM International Programming Contest, Online video conference with renowned Bangladeshi IT Professionals from different parts of the world. The purposes of this club also are to promote an increased knowledge and interest in computer science, Information Technology and its applications, and to provide a means of communication between persons having interest in computer science & Information Technology.

Recent Activities of BUBT IT Club

The recent activities of BUBT IT Club are discussed in this section.