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Bubt Debating Club

The main purpose of the Debating Club is to represent BUBT in various national and international debate competitions/ events organized by other universities/ nongovernmental organization/ government institutions/ other debate societies etc. in Bangladesh or abroad.

The other objectives of this club are:

  1. To organize various debate competitions in BUBT for providing opportunities to new and existing debaters for their improvement.
  2. To organize various workshops in BUBT for improving the skills necessary for the debaters.
  3. To arrange various brainstorming opportunities for the debaters with the collaboration of different departments in BUBT.
  4. To arrange seminars/ workshops/ conferences etc. on various national and international occasions / issues.
  5. To provide opportunities to debaters for various activities relating to social welfare.

BUBT Debate club arranges a weekly debate session in Bangla usually on Wednesday every week at 3.00 pm in Room No. 601 of Permanent Campus, BUBT. This club also arranges a weekly debate session in English usually on Sunday every week at 3.00 pm in Room no. 601 of permanent campus, BUBT. Some practice debate sessions before a team goes away to participate in any kind of competition is also practiced by BUBT debating club.

BUBT Debating Club also arranges some other events like:

  1. Workshops per semester for newly admitted students.
  2. Inter department debate championship every year
  3. Arranging special debate shows on different National Days and Occasions.

Recent Activities of BUBT Debating Club

BUBT Debating Club arranges many programs which helps student to make themselves capable of making a good debater. The activities are: