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Bubt Cultural Club

BUBT Cultural Club promotes student’s creativity and professionalism through a cultural framework by invigorating the cultural diversity and awareness; in connection with beholding the ideology of open mind to move beyond boundaries of own self.

The main objectives of this club are:

  1. To organize the various inter-departmental cultural competitions and central cultural programs in the University.
  2. To encourage the budding talents of the University and developing their creative skills.
  3. To develop and promote the rich diversity and uniqueness of various art.
  4. To upgrade and to enrich the consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage.

This club also helps to observe the national days solemnly with cultural events and to provide the right platform for students to showcase their talents. Another important objective of this club is to make special efforts to encourage the folk and tribal arts and to frame special programs for the preservation and strengthening of the vanishing art forms.

Recent Activities of BUBT Cultural Club

The BUBT cultural club arranges different programs throughout the year in the campus. The recent activities of the club are discussed below.